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2019 hyperlite Union pro Model 138 cm

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€ 529,95 € 389,95 (inclusief btw)

2019 Hyperlite Union 138 Wakeboard

van €529,95 voor €389,95

The Hyperlite Union is the one cable board that really unites the Hyperlite team, universally loved by all they classify it as certifiably legit. In the past year it has become a staple of their cable range as the all purpose model. The Fully Machined Wood Core provides that traditional cable feel, giving you that predictable flex and responsive pop that you know and love. The Tip to Tail concave provide power through your edges, helping you push all the way through to kickers or any other feature for that matter. Add to this the Power Press Rocker and you get incredible momentum on sliders for that easy pivot and drive into presses. For toughness the Union is capped off with a urethane sidewall and industry standard sintered enduro base, so from slider to edge hits, it will keep the party going.

  • Riding Style: Advanced
  • Profile: Fully Machined Wood Core
  • Rocker: Power Press
  • Flex: 3
  • Fully Machined Wood Core
  • Power Press Rocker
  • Mid-Body Channels
  • Full Beveled Edge
  • Balanced Bi-Axial Fiberglass Lay-Up
  • Sintered Base
  • Urethane Sidewall
  • Concave Tip / Tail Feature
  • M6 Inserts


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