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Slingshot shredtown maat US 12 45 gebruikte staat zwaar afgeprijsd

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€ 529,95 € 249,00


Dichte teen hoge kwaliteit pro  maat is 12 dat is 44,5-45,5

Met losse binnenschoen een zool van de binnenschoen is opnieuw gelijmd 

compleet met schroeven en clips 

2019  slingshot Shredtown  nette gebruikte binding met een grote korting van €529,95 voor €249

(dus er gaat €280,95 van de nieuwprijs af)

Packed full of new features, the 2019 Slingshot Shredtown is a top-of-the-line boot designed for hard-charging riders who want a boot they can use with confidence in all aspects of the sport. A removable, cinch-tight liner slips in and out easily and features a fashionable print and a hard-sole bottom for walking around parks, parking lots, weeds, rocks and night clubs. The liner has been redesigned for 2019 for easier entry and exit with the boot and is loaded with super soft padding that gives an ergonomic fit and extra cushion for those hard landings. The outer closure system features three Gummy Straps- one upper and two lower- for an ultra-secure and tight, yet flexible feel. The boot includes two sets of colored gummy straps that allows for added customization.


  • Gummy Straps squeeze tight, won’t loosen as you ride
  • Eliminates the frustration of Velcro
  • Rugged removable liner for walking around
  • Stiff fit for superior support
  • Four-zone closure for superior security
  • Includes K9 Mounting Hardware for M6 Wakeboard Inserts


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