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liquid force shane 138 cm gebruikt hybride wakeboard

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liquid force shane 138 cm gebruikt hybride wakeboard


echt een inverts monster voor de kabel lekker klein dus ligt diep voor harde hoge afzet

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Size: 138 cm

The Shane Hybrid can truly do it all… Whether blasting off a huge double up at BROstock, or sliding his way to glory at a cable event, Shane has proven that his board is as versatile as they come.  One of the early backers of our Hybrid Technology, Shane has always seen the advantage that this tech provides in multiple scenarios and conditions.  The LF exclusive GRIND base will protect the board from all the abuse you can give it.  The aggressive 3-stage rocker provides huge lift, while the unique bottom channels provide the speed that Shane has always demanded in his boards.  The flex pattern provides anyone the chance to be a rail ruler if given the opportunity.  Just like Shane, this board is no one trick pony.  If words don’t convince you, take one out behind the boat or for a lap at the park and you’ll quickly become a believer, just like Shane.

Hybrid Technology
Have it all… a proven, performance hull shape and the great flex properties of our hybrid construction brings you a board that launches wake-to-wake, and delivers the goods for your park experience.

LF Exclusive GRIND Base
The ultimate in durability from our sintered base material while maintaining the hull shape.

LF Exclusive Liquid Rail
Elastomeric sidewall for the ultimate rail bond and unsurpassed durability.

Precision CNC Wood/PVC Core
Combination hybrid core provides the springiest, lightest flex in a core. Wood gives superior strength and flex. PVC keeps it as light as possible.

Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker
For a straight up pop behind the boat, and catch-free transitions in the parks, this rocker style works great in both worlds.

Double to Triple Concave Hull
Double in center breaks water for softer landings with no speed loss. Triple Concave at ends for ollie power and pop with superior edge hold.

Triax Glass Layup
Special weave provides torsional control with just the right spring and flex.

LF Slider Quad Fin Setup
Long base slider fins for extra hold and a durable grinding surface with Quad Fin Setup.


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