hyperlite nomad 44 inch wakeskate 112 cm

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hyperlite nomad 44 inch catalyst wakeskate 112 cm

Zo goed als nieuw dus amper gevaren 

er staat 124 cm in de keuzelijst maar het is 112 cm


Introducing the new and improved Hyperlite Nomad Wakeskate. That’s right the best just got better. Inspired by wakeskating royalty, Brian Grubb and shaped by Scott Bouchard this lively wakeskate is all tricked out before even hitting the water. This skate holds a solid edge into the wake with dual based channels and gives you better control with more pronounced concaves and kicktail. Also consisting of a blended 3-stage rocker and more surface area for nice speed and great pop, the Nomad will have you dialing in those wake to wake tricks in no time.

  • Recommended rider weight: 55 kg and up 
  • New EVA / Griptape Blended Top 
  • Wide Profile for extra wake to wake pop 
  • Deeper Top Concaves and Kicktail for better control 
  • Blended 3-Stage Rocker gives you good speed and pop 
  • Dual Tip/Tail Channels for tighter edge hold 
  • Layered Glass gives your board the same snap season after season 
  • High performance Bio2 Core 
  • Fins: 2 – Shank 
  • Shaped by Butch 
  • Inspired by Grubb


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